To our valued Clubs,

As previously advised, due to the unique circumstances we’re all currently experiencing and to better support the resumption of Community Rugby League, we have made some changes to the accreditation process for Coaches and Sports Trainers for season 2020. Please read below for more detail.

Coach Accreditation

Coaches whose accreditation was due to expire during the 2020 season from the 1st November 2019 will have their accreditation extended through to the 31st October 2020. Any Coach who then chooses to Coach in season 2021 will be required to gain the necessary accreditation relevant to the age group they’ll be Coaching.

Coaches seeking an accreditation who have completed the online module component of the course relevant to the age group they are coaching, will have their online accreditation extended to the 31st October 2020. These Coaches will be able to start working with their teams in training and in games once the online component is completed.

Please note: Full accreditation will not be achieved until Coaches have also completed the Face to Face Workshop component of the relevant course at which point the 4 year accreditation period will be activated. The workshop component must be completed no later than four (4) weeks prior to the completion of the teams regular season competition.

Coaches are still required to be registered with their Club and team on MySideline prior to any team activity taking place

In the coming week’s, these changes will be reflected in MySideline and the NRL Learning Centre.

Sports Trainers

The NRL supports industry recommendations to extend all NRL Qualified Sports Trainers accreditations due to expire between 1st March 2020 and the 30th October 2020, to the 31st October 2020, being the likely end date for any revised competitions.

In order to be eligible for an extension of Sports Trainer accreditation, the trainer must have held current accreditation, including all elements of Sports Trainer Content from an Industry Recognised Trainer (RIT), at 1st March 2020. If the trainer’s accreditation had expired prior to 1st March 2020, an extension of accreditation will not be available under this directive and the sports trainer will be required to undergo re-accreditation training as set out in the NRL On-Field Policy.

Where an extension is applied to a trainer’s accreditation, it will automatically lapse on 31st October, and the trainer will be required to complete the relevant re-accreditation process prior to performing the role of first responder for a rugby league game after 1st November 2020.

All trainers who qualify for an extension of their accreditation expiry date will be notified by email from NRL and the relevant records will be updated in the trainer’s NRL Learning Centre and MySideline profiles.

The NRL’s Safety Education provider, Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), has provided a 6 month extension to SMA accredited Sport Trainers whose accreditation expired between the 19th March 2020 and the 19th September 2020. Please follow this link for the full position statement on SMA accreditation extensions and a compilation of important links providing a reference for sports medical networks to aid a return to sports after COVID. 

“League First Aid” accreditation will not be impacted by these changes as the accreditation carries a 3 year currency period. As the course was introduced in 2019, expiry dates for anyone who holds this qualification won’t come into effect until 2021/22.

Please be aware these changes are one-off events for the 2020 season in response to difficulties presented by regulations imposed in response to COVID-19 and is not to be considered a precedent for seasons beyond 2020.

The game greatly values the contribution made by our volunteers in creating the Rugby League Community.


National Rugby League