To All South Sydney District Junior Rugby Football League Participants,

In light of some recent highlighted conduct issues in other junior league districts, the SSDJRFL will be proactive in ensuring that poor behaviour at junior league fixtures is dealt with appropriately.  Whilst the recent NSWRL RESPECT ROUND was well received, a spike in poor conduct at our games has led to the following response from the Football Management Committee of the SSDJRFL Competition.

Any participant found to be in breach of the Code of Conduct at any game will be dealt with harshly including risking the team that they are involved with (whether it be as a supporter, parent, player or official) being suspended for a period or removed from the competition altogether.  Teams removed will forfeit their team grant and be obliged to return their jerseys, shorts and socks to their clubs.  This includes all teams ranging from the Under 5’s through to our open age competitions.

Please pass this message on and call out bad behaviour before your team or child misses games and requires an explanation from those causing the problem.

Kind Regards

Luke Curry CEO

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