This is the 6th season that the team has been together. The team was built on half returning players and half new players to the team.

Unfortunately, we were short of players for the season with a squad of 9, sometimes reduced to 8.

This created some varying results in the combined Division 1 and 2 competition this year.

When playing a Division 2 team, our brave and skilful 8 or 9 players held their own. The tackling was much stronger than last season and our increased swag of set plays were very well executed. Our regular game calls of “double”, “spin” and “the move” are becoming familiar to the team.

Finishing the season with a win was a great way to complete what has been a tough season. I hope the message from Division 2 teams has reached Junior NRL organisers who hopefully see fit for a separate Division 2 competition next season.

I would like to thank the team for turning up to training each week and focussing on what we need to do. You can really see the difference with that focus on the field. Our fitness work really paid off and those team members that pushed out all their pushups and sprints were able to easily handle the 40 minutes on the field.

Our parents are all very proud of the team and we can’t appreciate the support and comradery of the Maroubra Lions enough. Thank you, families and friends, for bringing the players to the games and training each week and helping with the oranges and snakes.

Over the years, the team have learnt some great skills and what it’s like to be a team member. We all shake hands before training and game days and listen to every word that the Coach utters – Not!

We have 2 LeagueSafe helpers in Big Dave and Scott, who do a great job helping on game day.

Special appreciation to Steve Cliffe, Stu and Deacs from U10 Greens for working with the U10 Blacks to create a real 1 team feel for the Division 2 squad.

Our team Manager Noeme has done a great job organising communication for the games, sitting at the manager’s table and coordinating orange rosters. Thank you to Adele who has also helped us on the occasional game day when Noeme had to be with our younger son’s game.

Every week we proudly run on with our red and green displaying the logos of our generous team sponsors. Special thanks go to Brad Parkes of CORE Mortgage Brokers whose community focus is helping make a group if young kids respect the values and benefits of playing Rugby League for the Lions.

Of course, we also appreciate the ongoing commitment that Souths Juniors has to the Club and our Team. Thank Juniors.

Rob Yeldon