Hi All,


Please note the following outcomes for our competitions regarding the washout round from last Sunday.

These are approved by the Management Committee and final.

A Grade and AR– Round 9 is replayed as Round 15. No disruption to planned memorial and Naidoc fixtures in coming weeks and all teams play each other twice for the year.


Under 12s– Round 9 becomes Round 11- all teams will have played each other once then with rounds 12-14 reviewed to play teams against each other of similar ability.


Under 11s– Round 9 to be replayed as round 13. All then played each other once. Review round 14 re ability.


10d1– Round 9 becomes round 12. All teams then played each other twice plus one. 2 rounds remain to be reviewed.


10d2 – no change. Washout round was commencement of full 2nd round of games however a full second round can’t be played anyway. Round is gone.


9d1- Round 9 becomes round 13. Means all teams play each other once since the regrade.


9d2- washout was commencement of full second round but not enough games to go for a complete second round anyway. Washout round goes.


8d1 7d1 and 6d1 – since the regrade there were 9 rounds required for a complete round of games but only 8 available (now 7) . On that basis washout round just goes.


All NC– washout round not replayed


Combined Comp– as per the NSWRLCCC rules. Washout goes to second last round.


Kindest Regards


Luke Curry

Chief Executive Officer       

South Sydney District JRFL